We are confident that TaskLoan’s quick, convenient and automated online application platform will resonate with the growing universe of digitally savvy entrepreneurs and business owners

who no longer want to endure the cumbersome and onerous manual application processes.


Custom Loan Products
Online Application
ACH Collection
Custom Application process
Custom Dashboards
Contact Centre Solution
Configurable Credit Scoring
Complete CRM
Credit Bureau Integration
Online Broker Platform
Automated Financial Analysis
Built In Document Repository

Apply Online

TaskLoan’s intuitive design enhances the customer experience by guiding clients through the process and ensures they provide the relevant information needed for the user to evaluate the application

Back End Analytics

The information from an online application is analysed by the back-end analytics platform,

which applies hundreds of customizable data points to rate the applicant and provides a decision. 


Custom Credit Model

TaskLoan analyses a broad array of factors, including historical loan data for existing clients,

company revenue, and the business owner’s personal financial habits and history. TaskLoan

then derives a score from these combined factors via custom credit model to determine

creditworthiness and affordability.


Auto Escalation

TaskLoan will automatically escalate applications that require additional information to

assess. Otherwise, TaskLoan will generate a decision within minutes


Client Portal

Clients can conveniently manage their loans via the online platform, without the need to call for simple administrative requirements. 


TaskLoan will not only reduces the administrative burden on staff, which enables them to focus on other value-adding client engagements but also ensures the ability to stay ahead of shifting clients preferences around online engagement.